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Weddings - Portraiture - Headshots - Workshops

If I were to describe myself I would have to admit to being a people person I find people fascinating some are complex most are genuine and all are definitely interesting
When looking through a lens I have to try and bring out the qualities that make that person shine, as a photographer I record in an instant that moment in time for posterity.
When I started out as a hobbyist photographer back in the 70's I took photo's of everything buildings, cars, motorcycles, places, animals, nature but I always found myself drawn to photographing people. The intricacies of the face that tell a story the emotion and the depth that defines who they are somehow holds a fascination for me even to this day. And so 40 odd years later even though my photography has evolved from hobbyist to professional I still choose to photograph people.

My Sessions are informal and relaxed. You will have me for the whole day there is no time limit and there is absolutely no rush I love being behind a lens and I love being creative I can start when you like, and finnish when we have the images that you are happy with.

Part of my job as a photographer is helping to put people at ease and so I always take time before a session to do this as it is important to create an atmosphere of creativity but above all it should be fun !
Your experience will include a personalised portrait session, and images that you, your children and family will treasure for a lifetime

Using my expertise I can help you with clothing advice what to wear and what not to wear, I can give you directions on posing and help you to decide on the best angles for the most flattering looks

Most people are at their best whilst at home in surroundings that are safe, familiar, relaxed and comfortable  so I am more than happy to travel to you bringing a portable studio that is easily set-up in your home, or in another location of your choosing
It can be quite daunting when you’re searching for a photographer and so I make my packages and pricing easy to understand they are completely transparent with no hidden charges further down the line I do not believe in the hard sell approach

I offer albums and coffee table books as well as an in house design service as additional extras
If you require any of these as part of your package then please ask for details and I can e-mail you my information sheet
My package for your session includes the following;
I will set up a meeting or a phone conversation with you prior to the booking to have a chat about your session and find out more about you, your family and any relevant details you may want to include such as a theme or props etc . .
I travel to your location
I will offer advice on clothing and help with posing etc . .
you can have as many clothing changes as you like throughout your session
there is no time limit and absolutely no rush whatsoever
All the best images taken on your session will be carefully edited to a professional standard with no watermarks
You will have access to my password protected private online gallery where you may view and download the images at your leisure (the gallery is live for 30 days after I upload the shoot)
Package price - excluding any extras
1 person  £75 per day
Family  £120 per day

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