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About me . .

Since my school days I was fascinated with photography, I always had a camera in my hand. Throughout the 80's I further developed my photography skills and together with the introduction of digital technology, this inspired me to perfect what is now recognised as candid photography.

After shooting a friend’s wedding and finding the experience equally challenging and enjoyable, I realised that photography was something I loved doing and wanted to pursue on a full time basis.

I was born in Wolverhampton in the West Midlands. I did lots of very tedious manual labour jobs after leaving school, but I never really took to the daily routine. I always felt I was worth more than a factory could ever offer.
I spent a few years in Stoke On Trent where I learned to play guitar, and continued my obsession with the Martial Arts. Becoming ever more restless I decided to move down to London in the winter of 1980 to pursue a musical career.

Arriving in London with only a guitar I joined the busking community, primarily playing in the underground tube system. Finally after a few years, I ended up performing to huge crowds in Covent garden
I was a regular on the London Folk club circuit, performing my own material. Eventually I got to play lots of gigs and some very prestigious support spots. Progressing to the pub & club scene in the mid 80's, I enjoyed a decent musical career as a singer-songwriter and guitarist travelling all over the UK.

I now live in the heart of Milton Keynes where I share the house with my partner Jill and our cat Meg.
Apart from our love of photography we enjoy a variety of pursuits such as surfing on the north coast of Devon, practicing Martial Arts, dancing, walking and cooking.

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